Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Potential Career Paths for Computer Science

  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Game Programmer
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Inventor/Entrepreneur

“The world is dependent upon technology and the software that drives it. It doesn't matter the industry, every major company relies on the skills of software engineering, information technology, and security. Anyone desiring to have an exciting career in this field will get excellent preparation through the Math and Computer Science Department at NNU.”

–2004 graduate Daniel DeCloss, Senior Security Consultant—Penetration Tester at Veracode, Inc.

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Our mathematics degree students are given a solid mathematical foundation and time to consider another minor area of study. Our focus is the education of undergraduate students in a Christ-centered environment, and there is abundant opportunity for interaction between students and faculty. Students leave the program prepared to enter a variety of careers or to go on to graduate school.

Computer Science

Expertise in the computer science field is needed in a world bursting with technological advances. Courses in the computer science degree program at Northwest Nazarene University explore areas including software development, networking, graphics and the various applications of modern computing, giving you the competitive edge. NNU’s computer labs enable students to master everything from networks to bioinformatics applications.