It pays to be a geek. The number of jobs in technology related industries like math and computer science are predicted to grow 19% between now and 2020. There are already more job opportunities than skilled applicants to take them. This demand means that not only will program graduates land a job—they will likely land a great one.

Consider NNU’s programs because of the reputation, quality and opportunities our students receive. Whether you wish to go straight into the field or advance your education at graduate school, the NNU programs give you the skills you need. NNU’s programs in Math and CS prepare students to obtain advanced positions immediately after graduation in many cases because of the level of coursework required, the small classes and personal attention of the faculty.

“I met my company at the NNU Career Fair before I even graduated and started working for them a week after graduation. They liked my varied skills, my ability to develop and code, and also my graphic design background. The flexibility of NNU’s programs let me follow both my interests and made me highly desirable employee.” –2012 graduate Megan Hoff, FieldSync Mobile Solutions

NNU math and computer science students have also studied in some of the most prestigious graduate schools.

“When I earned my Bachelor’s degree in computer science from NNU, I was accepted to a Master's program at the Naval Postgraduate School. When heading to graduate school, I was very nervous and self-conscious that I didn't have the background, knowledge, or skills to succeed. Fortunately, upon starting the Master's program, I realized that I had been prepared very well and was actually a step ahead of many of my peers.” –2004 graduate Daniel DeCloss